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"Richard pops into the cafe sometimes, ~ shy and unassuming, yet a powerhouse of the figurative word and all its connotations.  The poems on this book's pages will always leave us just a little changed, just as poetry should."

Rebecca Commons
- Vancouver Cafe
The foreword of THE SYMPATHETIC COW MURDERER provides some insight to the treat that awaits the reader. This is no ordinary farmer: Richard Davy"s words and pictorials take us city folk on a journey into the wonderland that is the farmer's lot. Drought, frustration, rebirth and relationships are all poigantly laid bare with words and photographs from a tender-souled artist.                                                                      Many books have been written in verse and prose about life on the farm but most are mere observances. The Sympathetic Cow Murderer throws the reader into the maelstrom and forces us to taste it, feel it and become part of it. Davy grieves for what has become of the land but at the same time shares some hope for its survival.                                                                                                                                           What starts out as a semi-biographical taste of life on the land later evolves into relevations on trips up north and aboard by a young man discovering himself and his place in the world.                                          The Sympathetic Cow Murderer would hold its own on any bookshelf or coffee table alongside other books of poetry or photographs. The difference is that each time you take a dip into Davy's work you'll emerge in some way enlightened.                                                                                                                                                                                    THE WEST AUSTRALIAN Feb 22nd   2011